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    Glad to see Microsoft re-discovered the early 2000 generation apps that payed you cents an hour to have annoying banners and popups on part of your screen at all time. I wonder if there are still people as desperate for free cash to do this (what I’m talking about, of course there are)

    The “prizes” are the icing on that stupid cake, can even sound more like punishment than prizes:
    “Oh our invasive mouse tracking algorithms told us you haven’t used Bing™ on your Microsoft Edge™ browser enough times this month, guess we’ll sneak ads on your Outlook!”

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      Are the people who would switch their browser and allow Microsoft to run some kind of monitoring daemon on their machines really the people Microsoft needs to attract?

      In some sense, maybe they are. They probably click on ads in greater numbers. But most of those clicks, aside from Bing search results, are going to be money in Google’s pockets, so that doesn’t seem to be the real aim here. In a way, since Edge doesn’t (yet?) support ad-blocking, more ad-susceptible people using the Microsoft browser might even be good for Google!

      But are those people going to bring anyone with them? Chrome got huge because Google convinced all the “nerds” to switch, then those people evangelized the browser (for free) to their friends and family members. Switching to Chrome became a way to speed up your browsing, it was a hack or a helpful tip that people passed around. At least that’s how it seems to me to have happened (I realize Google also runs commercials and such, but those came much later).

      So then what is Microsoft hoping to accomplish here? Are they just desperate and willing to try anything? Are they trying to carve out a niche by being the browser used by the coupon-clipping obsessed? Or has management been sold a bill of goods by someone in their marketing department, someone who simply may not understand the market?

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        Given their approach with anything (Edge, Bing, upgrading to Windows 10, even Windows Phone) I’m starting they are actually quite clueless on how to attract people. I would even assume it’s a new thing for them considering their main product (Windows) has been shipped in most consumer PCs since the 90s, so they never had the need to convince anyone to do anything more than buy a PC.

        Either that or they actually believe that people are THAT stupid.