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    Thank you, Guido person python blog.dropbox.com

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    “I think at his core, Guido is a person who is trying to help make the world better in his own way. I think that was his philosophy when he started programming in Python and mentoring women is just another way that he contributes.”

    – Sushma Yadlapalli about Guido van Rossum

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      My whole career was based around Python – 16+ years of it. I used many other languages but Python was the most enjoyable and useful.

      Thanks Guido!

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        we knew Guido would be a great addition to our company

        Ah, corporate PR copywriting… Can’t even say thank you without trying to prop up the company, and kind of implying that Dropbox was a pinnacle of Guido’s career, and how lucky of him that Dropbox considered him worthy of hiring.

        (I’m probably overreacting to a single line, but these subtle messages are pervasive, and they always grind on me.)

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          That’s a very strange reading of that sentence. I read it as “he’s awesome and we were glad to work with him”.

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            I also found it dissonant. Like if Michael Jordan showed up to my local pickup game of basketball and instead of saying “holy fuck, a real basketball legend” I said “Michael is a great addition to our team.” It’s a sentence that connotes that Michael Jordan and my shitty group are on a comparable level.

            Anyway, this is probably overthink territory. But the sentence also made me raise an eyebrow.

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              Surely it’s more like Jordan joining a pro team than your local pickup game, though? In which case, “great addition to the team” seems quite reasonable. It’s not like Guido decided to take part in a small town hackathon.

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          “When asked, I would give people my opinion that maintainable code is more important than clever code,” he said. “If I encountered clever code that was particularly cryptic, and I had to do some maintenance on it, I would probably rewrite it. So I led by example, and also by talking to other people.”

          Glad to hear this from such an eminent personality.

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            Though Guido is officially retiring, his contributions to Dropbox and the larger Python community will continue to be felt. He has already put into motion the conversion of the Dropbox server code from Python 2 to Python 3.

            I’m surprised they’re still using Python 2, especially given how heavily they’re using mypy.

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