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    This is pretty tight

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      That’s a lot of work for a $23 watch, but gotta respect the love.

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        Nice project. However one of main reasons why I love Casios is that I do not have to care about batteries for a long time (often 10+ years or at least 5+ years on cheap models – e.g. my F-91W from 2015 still rocks).

        By avoiding power hungry features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Sensor Watch can run for a year or more on a single 100 mAh coin cell

        One year is not as bad as contemporary „smart“ watch Tamagotchis, but still far from five or ten years of battery life.

        I probably do not need much features on my wrist (actually, I am OK with simple mechanical watch). What I would appreciate much more is a truly personal digital assistant – like PDAs back then, but open and hackable…