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      “Fabricate” is a build system that uses strace to automatically discover dependencies in this way.


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        Nice. Looks like they beat me to this idea by a wide margin. Just goes to show there is not much new under the sun.

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          On the other hand, although I’ve known about this for many years and always been curious, I’ve never actually tried to use it, whereas I could wrap your concept around almost anything pretty trivially, so :)

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            Thanks. This work mostly came out of being frustrated with js build scripts. I didn’t want to understand what broccoli.js was doing so I figured treating it as a black box and just grabbing the inputs and outputs would be good enough for caching purposes. I’ve since used the same trick at a few more workplaces and it does wonders for frontend build processes.

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      Now let’s look at what files the script was reading from (there is again some extraneous cruft involved but those can be easily filtered out if desired)

      I think the filtering might get quite complicated quite quickly once you start building and using dynamic libraries.

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        What issues do you foresee?

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          Hard time writing an algorithm that separates actual input files for the compilation from all other files that are being opened by the compilation process. Maybe though for 99% of the time it really doesn’t matter if you just hash everything that gets opened.

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            Yes, you can write heuristics but it fundamentally requires some understanding of the build process. I usually manually inspect the trace and then group everything according to what I know about the build. It usually works out but is a manual process that I haven’t figured out how to fully automate.

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      A while back, I was searching around if there is a way to get CMake to use such a technique to validate the build config. Does anybody know something like that?

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        I’m not sure. I think all language dependent build systems must do some kind of dependency tracking but whether they expose that information or not is a different issue. I think D does expose this information and can even generate a make file if you pass in the right flags but I’m not an expert so someone else will have to chime in.