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    This guy https://github.com/timvisee/send keeps a fork of Mozilla/FF Send alive. It’s fabulous and way easier to keep alive over time.

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      I find the last bit of the article a little confusing, maybe add a screenshot of how it works?

      Maybe it’s just because I last used minio when it was very young, so this “login screen” doesn’t ring a bell, I saw it as an api first and foremost - and so my outdated knowledge is detrimental.

      Yes, I could of course now just check the minio homepage, but I find this use case still a little odd for this tool… (Also you only link to your minio article where you use it just like I would, and not the minio homepage).

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        yea, having a minio instance up for “file sharing” is a little weird

        unless you had some kinda other front-end service that used the object store as a back-end

        but i run it for stuff like that… a place to dump restic to mainly

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        I’m halfway through your blog post. It’s very interesting. But whenever I scroll so the address at appears or disappears (iOS/Firefox) your page rearranged and I am sent up or down. Might be worth checking out.

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          I don’t have any iOS devices to hand. Could you post a link to a screen shot / screen capture?

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            https://pasteboard.co/THzhKJRUa5M6.png https://pasteboard.co/M5PNhrMwPvx5.png

            Looks like the font also gets bigger when the address line is gone. Perhaps that causes the scroll “jump”?

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              Cheers for that, I’ll look into it.