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    This is great, but I’m not sure what problem they are addressing. My main problem with VPN services isn’t that I’d have to trust their software, because I’m not the only one running it. I have to trust their networks, their operators, their everything.

    This might be an unpopular opinion, but I think I’m better off with HTTPS Everywhere (and Tor, when I want to be really anonymous).

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      and Tor, when I want to be really anonymous

      Of course that isn’t even a very good option unless you have extraordinary opsec hygiene.

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        I’d say it’s relatively easy, depending on who you want to be anonymous to.

        But for a more general audience, I recommend checking the Tor documentation about the protection they provide. They also have great illustrations of how and where to expect privacy from whom. Also, use the Tor Browser Bundle. Other browsers will betray you :)

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        I think a lot of their customers just don’t want to receive rude letters in the mail from their ISPs. I can attest that this service prevents such letters. …Assuming you remember to turn the VPN on, or use a VM/dedicated machine that always/only has it on.

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        I just posted a comment on one of their blog posts–it was actually a reply to another comment. I was pleased that all I needed to comment was my name, email address (won’t be published), and the comment.

        They didn’t publish the email address, but they DID use Gravatar, so my damned face showed up there… I reported it in #privateinternetaccess on FreeNode, and they had disabled Gravatars 7.25 minutes later!

        I’m a customer of theirs and I have a few complaints… But bit by bit, they are addressing those complaints. That’s more than most companies can say!

        (The client software being closed-source was my first complaint. Still unresolved, but according to this announcement, it’s only a matter of time.)

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          This is very welcome, I’ve used them for a good few years so will need to set time aside to check out their source as it becomes available.