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    I’m really glad Tree Style Tabs got ported to FF57. He says some features are missing, but I haven’t noticed (maybe features I never used in the past?)

    Speed issues made me migrate from FF a while back to Vivaldi. Vivaldi has been decent, but there still a lot of bugs and quirks and things I miss from FF. I’ve started using FF Quantum and most of the extensions I commonly used have been ported. Vivaldi has been dragging/locking up lately and I decided to give FF another try.

    I’m still not entirely sure about the performance. I also hate having to zoom in on every page (still no default zoom eh? I know there are extensions, but none of them modify the actual FF zoom and many seem really too buggy to use).

    I’ll probably keep using it for a while and see if it’s worth moving back from Vivaldi. To be honest though, both start to feel sluggish after a while. The fact the web browsers are entire mini-operating systems, in-efficient ones at that, is .. kinda scary.

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      The screencap is a lie. This is what you have to do to hide Chromiumfox’s tab bar:

      1) Locate your firefox profile folder (you can find it in the troubleshooting section in the Settings)
      2) Locate "chrome" folder there - create it if it isn't there
      3) If there are no files userChrome.css and userContent.css in "chrome" folder - create them
      4) At the top of userChrome.css file add:
      /* add this line if it is not there */
      @namespace url("http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul");
      /* to hide the native tabs */
      #TabsToolbar { visibility: collapse; }
      /* to hide the sidebar header */
      #sidebar-header { visibility: collapse; }