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Hi, backers! The completed 2nd edition of “Producing Open Source Software” is now online at http://producingoss.com/. Thanks again to every one of you.

While there are substantial changes throughout the book, the most expanded chapter is probably Chapter 5, “Participating as a Business, Non-Profit, or Government Agency”. That chapter’s title used to be just “Money”, so that gives you some idea of what the new material is.

I’m still sorting out treeware arrangements and various other things [1]; that’ll take a while. But the updates I’d originally wanted to make are now complete. (All edits have been pushed to the live web site regularly during the whole process, and of course that will continue to be the case as I maintain the book.)

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[1] If anyone has expertise in the DocBook -> EPUB build process (or DocBook -> Mobi, for that matter), and feels like helping out, please contact me :-).


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    The first edition of this book is from 2005. Lots has happened since so this is update should make the book a lot more relevant again.

    Karl’s request for backing via kickstarter from 2013: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kfogel/updating-producing-open-source-software-for-2nd-ed/description