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    Tag request: sound meta

Off the back of https://lobste.rs/s/i0etwb/mod_sample_master#c_cwaw9p I also would like to see a sound related tag. Thoughts?

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    signals? It could encompass DSP related stuff too in addition to just audio programming the way we have graphics.

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      Fair point, I have wondered about dsp or similar also, though that is into the digital-only realm and not just audio/sound related, so it’s arguably both specific and vague (in a non-optimal fashion given everything is kinda really both specific and vague). I haven’t thought about signals though, I’ll swill that around my head for a bit. Probably though others have a better feel for how the taxonomy could be cut and the ‘missing Lobste.rs tags’ problem could be resolved given the relationship to other existing tags. (like, graphics is quite specific, but then again this sites content is as it is and that was seen as needed, and I visit at least every week or two, not every day)

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        Having thought about it, I think something specifically audio related would be most handy for my finding the things that most interest me so my prime preference for a new tag would remain as sound for now.

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      I’d like to see further examples of submissions where this tag would be applicable.

      As a rule of thumb, personally, I’d expect >= 5 submissions within the last 6 months where a new tag would be appropriate before supporting an addition to the tags.

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          Most of which aren’t podcasts, which is what the tag is reserved for, highlighting there’s an issue.

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        Again, tags are not to exclude or “filter out” content.

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          This seems to be a misunderstanding.

          https://lobste.rs/about#tagging makes it pretty clear that filtering is one of the primary use cases for the tag system.

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            1,361 users have filtered the meta tag.

            A sizable proportion of new tag proposals I’ve seen during my tenure here have been because the proposer was sick and tired of a specific topic and wanted a tag to be able to hide it.