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A few days ago I read the paper On Building Systems That Will Fail. I shared it here in Lobsters https://lobste.rs/s/vaof2d/on_building_systems_will_fail, but I’ve been thinking about it since then.

I wrote a few words summarizing the paper adding some comments and thoughts.

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    • When they work, they often break new ground, offer new services and soon become indispensable.
    • By having opened up a new domain of usage, they invite a flood of improvements and changes.

    Or as I’d put it…. If the system you’re creating doesn’t change the way people work and do things…. Why are you bothering?

    The answer to that is built into the notion of Agile… ie. Do the smallest chunk you can deliver that will make a difference to your users… expect feedback and a change in direction.

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      To paraphrase Calvin and Hobbes, you know how Turing lecturers build systems that fail? Well mine fail even worse.