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    Good read, but really complicated for the everyman.

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      Author here. Thanks for the feedback! What part(s) did you find most confusing?

      I was really hoping to provide a simpler explanation of keys and keyrings than other things I’ve read, but it sounds like I still didn’t simplify it enough. Curious to know where I could improve.

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        I think the tutorial was fine, it was easy to follow, it’s just not nearly as easy as, say, firing up Gmail, autocompleting the contacts list, tabbing a few times to fill out message fields and getting off to the races. If GPG is going to catch on the infrastructure around it needs to be easier, I think.

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          Yes, I agree. As Bruce Schneier recently put it: “my mother can’t use PGP. ”

          There are many things that are technically feasible today, but far too complicated for most users to tolerate. This is why we still use passwords to log into most websites despite attempts to create standards and infrastructure for using strong asymmetric key cryptography here too.

          I hope that by talking about tools like GnuPG, I can spark some interest in adopting and simplifying what PKI already exists—because it’s definitely too complicated for broad use right now, but it will never get any better if nobody uses it.