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    Come for the Lisp, stay for the project management war stories!

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      Host here. Before interviewing Ron I would have never thought they would just leave a REPL running on a space craft!

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        Looking forward to this episode!

        The space + homoiconic language combination makes me want an episode with Chuck Moore. That could be an interview for the ages!


        Edit: actually I think the history of Forth goes back further than the Wikipedia article states.


        In 1965, he moved to New York City to become a free-lance programmer. Working in Fortran, Algol, Jovial, PL/I and various assemblers, he continued to use his interpreter as much as possible, literally carrying around his card deck and recoding it as necessary.

        Weird to think of carrying around your programming language in a briefcase!

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          I have been wondering about how to do a forth episode. Is Chuck Moore still active in any capacity?

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            Maybe? He has talked with some forth groups recently (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dI0soDMg28Q&t=357s).

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              It looks like there are a few interviews in the past couple years, but he is getting up there in years. I think part of the reason why he wrote color forth to use text color semantically was because his eyes weren’t in great shape and that was the late 90s, early 00s.


              Great moment from an interview from a couple years ago:


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          I like Ron. He’s honest. His younger self reminds me of my younger self.

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            And Lisp is still in space with the James-Webb telescope :) (just like Hubbles, the planning and scheduling system)