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    Why require signing in?

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      Personal user data
      Email addresses (read-only)

      maybe there KPI is: select count(*) as KPI from signup;

      it saves my time (i just left the page), so thanks for that

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      usable link: http://eta-lang.org/

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        Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Sign in walls really discourage me.

        Eta/Java reminds me of PureScript/JavaScript.

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          That’s a different link, it’s not the interactive tour.

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            right, but it lets you see what eta is at least (a fork of ghc that compiles haskell to jvm). the tour page itself doesn’t have a back link to the main page.

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          Amusingly, as I write this, the next story on the front page is exactly the opposite: You must go offline to view this page. Disconnect to continue..