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    For a very loose definition of ‘reverse engineering’, but I thought it was very interesting and wanted to post it here.

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      Since lenses in the 17th century were less perfect than modern lenses, I decided to make my own lens using 17th century techniques.

      Taking a “vanity” project to a heretofor unheard of level…

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        Is a “vanity” project what expert reverse engineers call something that’s likely to result in raising their profile or a conference presentation?

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          It was in “quotes” for a reason…

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        I saw this film Tim’s Vermeer. It was an entertaining walk through his project, and I’d highly recommend it and Sandi Metz’s 30m talk Grit and Determination for anyone working solo long-term. There is a section where he is meticulously, endlessly painting stiches on a large rug and I had flashbacks to proofreading.

        For those who dislike Penn and Teller: there’s some harmless narration from and interview with Penn, but the only place the duo really pop up in the movie is an dumb minute-long scene where they explain they recorded a rant about Tim not being allowed to see the original Vermeer in the Queen’s private collection, but then he got to see it so they had to cut their rant and insert this explanation of the cut (!?).