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    This is great. I use Spotify constantly have spent years putting together playlists. I realized the other day that I would be incredibly sad if I ever lost my playlists – but I haven’t had time to put something like this together. My backup was about 5mb from your service. Thanks!

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      Glad to hear it’s useful to someone else, that’s how I had the idea too.

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      Still very much learning rust, that’s the main reason I wrote this, so any feedback on code besides the app would also be welcome!

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        I initially thought it’ll let you download a ZIP with MP3/FLAC/OGG/OPUS/ as a backup, Would be nice for someone who want to move out from Spotify, as you can’t actually play the JSON file or even import it somewhere else.

        (disclaimer: I don’t really care about these “piracy issues” which people likely want to bring on there)

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          I will point out that it’s near trivial to bypass the Spotify DRM with Panda. There’s a post i’ll try to dig up.


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            Yeah, now that I think of it I should have called it export rather than backup, or something like that…

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              You used to be able to do that with C SDK[1].

              [1] https://github.com/mopidy/libspotify-archive (archive because the files aren’t hosted by Spotify anymore)

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                I used to use something like that for a Spotify competitor in the very early days of streaming music. It was fantastic.

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                Good work. I always just used the data export feature on their website, under the privacy settings. They say it can take up to 30 days to complete. Then you get a zip file with your library, playlists, streaming and search history, etc as json files.