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    “In the meantime, looking at /proc/cpuinfo on an A1 instance, the CPU ID number is 0xD08, which suggests the Graviton is based on Arm’s 2015-era Cortex-A72 blueprints. Also we note that one vCPU maps to one physical core. The 16 vCPU instances are arranged in four quad-core clusters with 2MB of shared L2 cache per cluster, and 32KB of L1 data cache, and 48KB of L1 instruction cache, per core.”


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      This is big for the ARM ecosystem. Finally, The Big Player offers ARMv8 on public cloud! “Everything will be x86 only forever” pessimists can suck it, Arm is important enough for Supreme Cloud Overlord Bezos :D

      I’ll see if I can boot FreeBSD on this. However…

      instances are optimized for performance and cost

      a1.medium vCPUs: 1 [Cortex-A72] RAM: 2 GiB Price: $0.0255/hr (~$18.36/mo)

      WHAT?! Has anyone at AWS ever typed “scaleway dot com slash pricing” into their browser?

      ARM64-2GB Cores: 4 [ThunderX] RAM: 2 GB Price: €2.99/mo (€0.006/hr)

      Now, sure, AWS is a big reliable provider while Scaleway is nearly out of stock on these and has some odd quirks (like storage). But 1/4 the cores for 5x the price???

      UPD: apparently Spot prices are much better. But still, fscking AWS, all this complexity with spot, reserved, extra payments for IP addresses, storage, bandwidth..