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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    • Build Ryzen 7 3700X System This might be my hundredth build but is my first miniITX one so I’m excited!
    • Continue learning emacs
    • Rice Arch :-D (I’m planning bspwm/rofi)
    • Research radio to put together my first HF portable rig
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      I also built a Mini-ITX Ryzen 3700X system recently :) OptimumTech is a great resource for Mini-ITX builds in general.

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      Firstly I’m looking for work again after 6 months of being a full time dad for my son. I have an interview later today so here’s hoping!

      Second I am (er…rather gingerly) showing people my side project and getting feedback. In short it’s an interface on top of your browser bookmarks which shows you discussions about your bookmarks, links between them, full text search, and so on. It’s sync-based so you can bookmark stuff on your phone and it will pick them up too - so long as you are also using browser sync. If anyone here has a few minutes to check it out, I’d love to hear any thoughts. Here’s a sharelink to one of my bookmarks to give a taste: https://quarchive.com/shares/idD41uGRH0RIMTPYBgM9PhXg

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        Oh, the discussions feature looks interesting! Though, as if it wasn’t enough of a sinkhole & addiction browsing lobste.rs & HN, at least for me…… :/

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          At least with this you’re looking at discussions of things you’re interested in I suppose! (I spend a fair amount of time browsing through comments on things I know nothing about)

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          Good luck on your interview!

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            Thanks mate! That one didn’t work out but very close on others!

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          Finally closing in on the UI rewrite of a game I’ve been working on (https://twitter.com/stratagemstudio). After some testing, the previous iteration left players confused. So, after several months of pulling the UI code apart (and introducing immutability into the code), the tactical interface is making a lot more sense.

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            The animations (incl. during rotation) and vibrant colors make it look super alive for a turn-based game! So subtle yet so magical, impressive, congratulations!

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              Thanks a lot! The positive feedback is really encouraging. A team of us have been working on a playable prototype to nail down the experience before going in full-blown production mode, so it’s relieving to know the work heading is a good direction.

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            Finally submitted my thesis. Now it finally is the time to relax (meaning working on my own projects)!

            I’ll probably do some work on prs, a CLI password store. Or put some time in finishing the last days of AoC (with wich I attempt to achieve <1 sec).

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              I am going to build my Ryzen 5600 desktop and install FreeBSD on it. It’s the first time I’ve attempted to build a desktop, so excited. It is going to be used primarily for open source development, and personal learning.

              Build for those interested in the details. Fingers crossed, I’ll have a usable desktop without too much headbanging.

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                • a big migration that’s almost touching all our infra, won’t be finished this week but we’ll start
                • debugging why ArgoCD won’t update on an OKD install, it does on a test cluster I’ve spun up so no clue


                • Taking some more walks this week, I’ve been far too lazy since last month and need to step up my game
                • I did a clean install of my laptop a couple of weeks ago but haven’t done anything else with it. I’m thinking of doing another install with NixOS and give it a go again
                • Start working on a website, I’m doing some backend development for a couple of friends that do frontend stuff. I did the same a couple of years ago and they liked it and have the opportunity to do it again so why not.
                • I want to do a small me-project, but I’m really not sure what. Probably won’t happen, but it’s been on my mind for a couple of weeks now.
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                  My main home machine is still Windows, but I’ve recently bought a laptop for Linux that I’m using for somewhat “distraction free” development work (i.e. purposefully avoiding youtube, email, etc. on it). I installed NixOS on that one, and I’m quite happy with that for a secondary machine. Notably I dove into Nix Flakes recently, and I’m loving them - they reinvigorated my interest in Nix, they seem to fix more than one of the main issues I personally had with Nix before. Also they seem surprisingly stable for an “experimental” feature for me; the single only issue I had with them as of yet was home-manager being incompatible with flakes; but all it took was temporarily switching nixUnstable back to nix in my /etc/nixos/configuration.nix, and home-manager switch worked just fine. I read about some people using Flakes for their NixOS config but I haven’t explored that at all yet. That said, working with Nix and esp. NixOS is still “the hacker’s way”, i.e. a lot of yak shaving, and far from even Ubuntu-style user-friendliness and ease of use, not to mention Windows. But esp. home-manager is now a no-brainer for me on any Linux or Mac machine.

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                  Since I was hired in May 2020, I’ve been working on steering our company in a whole new direction. The new vision for our entire product catalog has changed, and that even caused personnel changes. I’m leading the company into a new, unified direction and this week, on Friday, is our first release of the new product.

                  It’s gonna be a crazy busy week, but it’s going to be a really fun one.

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                    $work: Trying to get a project into a usable state without completely freaking out

                    $nonwork: Trying to get a project into a usable state without completely freaking out


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                      After a couple of years of complaining/promoting I got some sudden, and unexpected, traction around moving our production database from Mongo to an RDBMS. I’ve been asked to lay out the potential benefits and work out what it might take to make the shift. I’m excited, because having my team stuck with a crap database was really starting to weigh on me.

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                        Push for it, but make sure to be psychologically prepared that it might stop as suddenly as it showed up - I mean try to arrange for your emotions to let go and unwind somehow if that would happen, and to still prize yourself for all the effort and energy you put into it. And in case that happens try to convince yourself that a new window may still open at some time. That said, absolutely grab the day and the chance and you mighy totally be given just enough space to make it happen already now as well, good luck!!! :)

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                          Thank you :)

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                        trying to parse webgl GLSL (v 300) shader strings and release the first version of yet another minimal rendering engine :|

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                          • Apply for more jobs (finished second/third on the last two interviews I got, reassuring and a bit depressing at the same time :) )
                          • Finishing to design and “implement” a config file to make sway modal-ish
                          • Received my Preonic keyboard and diving into QMK (brushing up some C) to prepare a custom frimware
                          • Keep working on my draft blog posts on Raku when learning more by reading source code from Rakudo
                          • Back to some piano time!
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                            Home: trying to write an app for managing backups of my photos (with deduplication, viewing for nostalgia reasons and to make them not write-only, deleting ones I don’t want to keep, various back ends like physical disks but in future also ipfs and cloud and others, and cross platform). Doing it in Go as my main “just do it” language of choice. Unfortunately, finding a sensible embeddable db in pure Go that works reliably on Windows showed up to be surprisingly hard (tiedot hangs in Update operations sometimes, ql with v2 database doesn’t recognize its own WAL, boltdb has no indexes builtin and some pkg that adds them is super limited; as a last ditch I might try ql v1 whether it works better given that I already invested a bit into trying it). I may have to fall back to interacting with an sqlite executable via popen. I kind of wish I knew and liked Lazarus better, I have a feeling I could have already done it there by now.

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                              Continuing to work on Online GIF Tools with my team.

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                                • Learning some Applesoft BASIC.
                                • Trying to diagnose why I can access the memory of my Ramworks III card but it fails switching to 80-column mode (except if I first test the ram with the diagnostic program).
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                                  Restarting batch jobs at work this week. Recording two podcast episodes.

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                                    Hopefully, I’ll have a prototype of a habit tracking app for iOS. I just don’t like how most current ones work, so I decided to make my own.

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                                      What language did you settle on for this? Are you comfortable with mobile dev in general or is this a growth challenge?

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                                        I’m using Swift and SwiftUI. Never really done mobile dev, but SwiftUI has enough similarities to React that I feel at home.

                                        I did make a simpler crop calculator for Don’t Starve Together first, as practice.

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                                      @work I’m still working on debugging/fixing a crash involving the demo globes that our setup program installs in WSL. I’m not very familiar with Windows, so I’ve been looking for Emacs features that make it more palatable - mostly small things like using eshell and tramp, but I just started using org-mode to take “literate coding notes” that document what I’ve been doing.

                                      @home I’ve been tidying up and re-organizing my apartment, piece by piece. I’m lazy about putting things away, so over time everything gets cluttered. Sometime today I need to go through my desk drawers and organize and throw out a bunch of stuff. Tomorrow I’ll go through the bedroom closet, and later this week or over the weekend I’ll organize the garage.

                                      I’m also going to make some changes to my OpenGL library, and (separately) implement some computational geometry algorithms (Voronoi diagrams and Delaunay triangulations) to understand how they work.

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                                        Work wise I’m going through our front end on-boarding material, as my team is taking over the front end pages that map to our backend services. I’m excited about it as I’ve not been in a proper full-stack team before.

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                                          $work: Mostly writing things down and trying to kickstart some changes by leading through doing.


                                          • Keeping up lifestyle changes (2.5h/week cycling, 4h/week walking), try not to snack constantly
                                          • Poking homelab into shape. Got the majority of things in place, but not talking to one-another. Also want to solve centralised logging.