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I’d like to make the modest (I think) feature request to be able to view multiple tags.

I think the way reddit handles this with subreddits would work well: reddit.com/r/games+gaming combines the games and gaming subreddits. This should extend pretty reasonably to lobste.rs tags (ex: lobste.rs/t/compilers+compsci). Just to be clear, I think this should display the union of the two (or more) tags.


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    Why don’t you filter out every tag instead of the ones you want to see, temporarily? I do not think it is often the case that people want to see a particular combination of tags… but just for that day.

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      Consider the compilers and compsci example. If there’s just a few tags I want to look at, filtering out all the rest (and then unfiltering when I’m done) is rather cumbersome.

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      If you’re using mutt and mailing list mode, you can press l and type:

      Limit to messages matching: ~s compilers] || ~s compsci]