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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    I sold my company (that I founded 10+ years ago) this week… Have been working day and night with that deal for the last couple of weeks and months. So, this weekend I will try to stay away from the computer, just try to relax and get my stress level down a bit, and spend some time with my oldest son exploring forrest.

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        That sounds great - I imagine you feel liberated, and have not yet grasped your freedom. I am happy for you, high five!

        Would you mind sharing some lessons learned?

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        More sailing. Eldest will be at Youth Squad on her new topper and I’ve booked myself in for a sail as well, likely on the Supernova. “Need” (read: want) to try both my sails to decide which is the better one of the two.

        Cycling. I’ve entirely failed to get on either the static or outside bike this week, which given I have a 136km sportive next weekend is slightly terrifying. I really must get some miles in, if only so my arse is prepared for the ride.

        Gardening. Stole (with permission) some berry bushes from a friend, and have started the process of reclaimed a flowerbed from the nettles & brambles to plant them there. Always forget how much effort gardening actually requires, and headphones/podcasts mean it feels doubly productive too. Ryobi hedge trimmer is brutally effective at taking out aforementioned Nettles & Brambles thankfully. (Second best value Ryobi tool I have - first being the Impact Driver.)

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          I made a package for xmake’s repo (libmpdclient) and will be actively improving and updating it.

          I also switched over the build system for cppfetch from meson to xmake, and have been steadily working on it’s xmake.lua file as well.

          I am quite loving xmake, and working with it has been a joy. The dev is also quite responsive so I managed to get a lot of stuff figured out with their help. I even managed to help uncover a bug in xmake with it’s meson stuff. So things have been fairly productive!

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            Setting up a Pleroma instance with soapbox frontend that will be focused on movies for my friend and his podcasting buddies, but also for anyone else. I’ve always wanted to run my own small slice of the internet. Plus, I love movies.

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              Yesterday, my first Mac app called AudioWrangler was released to the store!

              So I’ll be celebrating that a little, and sketching a new feature that should help expedite it getting through the review process better. Also the usual weekend stuff and celebrating Mother’s Day.

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                If anyone has the time to answer, I’d love to hear your feedback/anecdotes about working on interesting ideas. esp. if it was a challenge to get started.

                What I want to do is make an accessible interface for California (USA) State Education data. I work with county-level data at my workplace and would like to have a tool for easy comparison of historical information against the data we house.

                The problem is…I’m not sure when what I have is “good enough”. Would starting with a small search-interface be alright to publish? I’m wondering if I’m over-thinking this and should just put up something bare-bones.

                The data is small so that’s not a problem. I guess that what I’m unsure about is how much work should I put into the interface before sharing it?

                How would any of you begin your hobby/interest programs?

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                  Make something that is useful to you. Share it with people you know who have similar interests and might find it useful as well. Listen to what they say. If you then want to keep working on it, decide what is in and (more importantly) not in your scope, and work some more. Then gently advertise in communities that are appropriate and full of people who would find such a tool useful and listen more.

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                  I’ve just been getting over the side-effects of the Astrazeneca vaccine (sweats, chills, and headaches oh my!). For the weekend I plan to head to the hackerspace to work on my animatronic butterflies, specifically my upscaled, easy-to-work-with “Mothra”.

                  Custom 3D-printed coming along well, and now got the deliveries to work in some more of the moving parts. Next step: grokking how tiny electronics power stuff and get charged without going bang (and by tiny I mean way smaller than a TP4056.

                  Looking forward to scaling down to (more-or-less, likely less) life-size. But that’s fiddly af.

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                    Doing some podcast editing (Mr. Rewatch, a Mr. Robot retrospective show), some podcast writing and recording (Kevys Country Breakfast, the stupidest baseball podcast around), and calling my mom on Sunday for Mother’s Day.

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                      • Friends, beers and good music tonight for my birthday
                      • Recovering from the excess of the night: sleeping, drinking a lot of water and a bit of CSGo to raise my salt level
                      • Eventually running + working a bit with Zig on h11
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                        Happy birthday! :-)

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                          Thanks :3

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                        Gigabit fiber

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                          Probably watching more MST3K since I gave money to the kickstarter.

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                            Showing someone how to forage for wild greens at a farm.

                            Probably also working on Cavern, my social media protocol-in-progress.

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                              How do comments work in Cavern?

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                                Still TBD, but the “basic” model would be offer-and-poll – you offer comments to the journal author, they discover them as their client polls your journal for updates. Slow and async, risks getting a bunch of near-identical replies from people who can’t see each other’s comments yet. :-) Post author’s client then attaches comments to the post – or not, if they’re screened, according to client settings. Full control of comment threads.

                                But I figure there would be a pubsub add-on that would allow direct notification of “hey I have something for you, come poll my journal”. Cavern relies on file servers (or things that act like fileservers) and that’s a hard-and-fast constraint, but I think it wouldn’t be hard to hook up a notification service that would complement that.

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                              I took a few days this week, so I’m not back in work until thursday. Over the next few days, I’m hoping to finish off a short story, and get a barebones Zig kernel running on baremetal RISC-V hardware.

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                                • Had some unexpected work this week, smaller of them is done and just started on the second one. This wrecks my plan I had at the start of the week, ugh!
                                • Planning to read A Night in the Lonesome October
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                                  I wonder why this thread is tagged “programming” when half the posts here are not about programming or technology at all. I think the tag should be removed or at least changed to reflect the contents of the thread better.

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                                    Looking at the comments programming seems to feature in a lot of weekend plans .

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                                      When I posted this comment, there was one comment about sailing, another about reading and two programming related ones (well one about selling a company, kind of related to programming).

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                                      The programming tag is defined for use when “every tag or no specific tag applies”; so it fits well here.

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                                        But the ‘ask’ tag applies. Therefore, your argument is invalid.

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                                          Pump your breaks boo. We’re all friends here.

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                                            Please refrain from name calling, I was asking a genuine question and recieved no good answer. This was a civil discussion until this comment.

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                                      Working on my API-compatible clone of Tancredi, a collection of PHP files to serve up phone config templates - writing it in Python with flask{,-restx,-sqlalchemy} so i can transparently replace a server with a serverless implementation to make it highly available and whatever, serverless and other key words..

                                      The fun part is copying the functionality without looking at the code. Still licensing it under AGPL3, but, it’s fun to guess what something does based on input, output and config files.

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                                        Oh, and maybe working on my browser extension that lets you report paedophiles and children participating in exploitation on Twitter quicker by auto-filling out the form. One of my friend’s friends is building a federal case against them for not protecting children adequately, I thought I would work on something to help the general effort.

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                                          What should Twitter be doing differently? (I mean on this in particular. They’ve got a lot of problems.)

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                                            1. Easier reporting. Currently to report an account for specifically CSE you have to leave the app to go to a well-concealed form on the support site, it should be in-app functionality.
                                            2. Better ban-evasion detection. Right now a paedophile banned for any kind of offense can make a new account within minutes, and verify that via email, and no algorithms will pick up on it.
                                            3. Actually report paedophiles and exploited children to some kind of organisation (preferably the police). Usually they just delete the account and nothing happens.
                                            4. Use a month of engineering time to write an algorithm that looks at follow/following networks and analyses a user’s bio (exploited children will be convinced to use terms like AAM or MAP, “dm for age”, there are keywords than indicate an exploited minor or an abuser).

                                            But they don’t try, because acknowledging the problem means they have to deal with it and they simply can’t be fucked.

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                                              Some of those sound pretty difficult (ban evasion, for instance – I actually failed to sign up for a new account because they thought I was a bot! tuning that is hard) but bullet points 1 and 3 are pretty dismal. :-X

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                                        I tried to add a key-value store as embeded buffer on top of our Postgres for my hanami email forwarding app

                                        Sometimes I want to do database maintenance but being a mail service I cannot have downtime, I therefore try to add LevelDB embeded in our mail server, accept mail, write it to local disk and have another thread process them and write metadata to Postgres(and re-try if postgres down).

                                        This will allow me to upgrade/change Postgres all day long. Essentially a cheap version of Kafka.

                                        Another thing is to migrate our Ruby webhook fanout to Go or Rust. The app growth fast and currently sending more than one webhook per seconds for our user.

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                                          Painting the house eaves, calling Mom, and trying to figure out why the frame pointer in the POWER9 Firefox JIT gets clobbered with simple scripts.

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                                            Headed to Yosemite National Park later today afternoon.