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    Drafting the Lobsters constitution meta

With the loss of comment downvotes, we as a community we considering defining policy, as we’re now dependent on moderators to remove problematic posts from the community. In addition, there has been grumbling on other topics on policy, and other alternatives. With this document, we’re trying to define

  • The scope of the site; what is acceptable to put on Lobsters, and what is irrelevant?
  • Etiquette on how to post links.
  • Etiquette on discussion - how to comment meaningfully and civilly
  • Putting a concrete definition on topics like bans, spam, quality, etc.

You could call this a “code of conduct,” but this document encompasses more than just what is unacceptable between people; this defines the mission of the site as well as policy.

You can view and edit the document. All changes are saved with automatic versioning. Please don’t edit unless you ask the people in chat, however. Ask first. (When editing, put a name on yourself in the chat window so we know who’s editing what.)


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    This was already posted in comments of this thread.

    I voiced my vote that I believe a document like that is not needed and that current moderation mechanisms (including comment downvotes) were enough for keeping things inline.

    I’m making this comment yet again and flagging the post as ‘already posted’ as those are the only ways I can voice my opinion here.

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      You could call this a “code of conduct,”

      How about “code of condoned kindness”?

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          You’re leaning more towards “courageously unabashed normative thinking”?