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I like getting a summary of the ‘best’ posts from forums. Is anybody sending out a newsletter for lobste.rs at the moment?

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    None of which I’m aware. Then again, Lobsters moves pretty slowly–a quick jaunt through the newest page every couple of days should keep you more than up-to-date.

    Also, “best” is slippery. Most comments? Most upvotes? Most flames? Better to be not lazy and work for your intellectual nourishment. :)

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      I’m perfectly happy to have someone exercise their editorial judgement to make my reading list easier. I’m looking for the Soylent of online self-improvement, not the ‘how to grow barley and brew my own beer’ version :)

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        Oh well in that case the best commentary on Lobsters is probably here.

        As with Soylent, side-effects may include lethargy, allergic reaction, nausea, and death. In case of complications consult your family mortician.

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      I’ve been using the email gateway for the last six months or so and I’ve stopped visiting the site at all.

      For me, the ‘best’ threads are the ones with a lot of replies. Using mutt is pretty easy to see which threads still get replies after a couple of days and just read them at that point.

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        What’s the email gateway?

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          What’s the email gateway?

          It’s this feature https://lobste.rs/s/jg3eet

          The greatest part is that you can also reply by email, which is what I’m doing right now.

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        I actually have it setup with RSS with feedly and am pretty happy with it, not sure if its a summary of the bests posts though