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    Hmm. I need to check out efifb. VESA hasn’t been bad, but the grass is always greener…

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      You’d run either VESA or WSFB on top of efifb(4). Not either instead of efifb(4).

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        efifb with wsfb, I mean. Is the console high res with efifb? Not that I spend much time on console, but the VGA stretching is pretty ugly…

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          It’s alright. I haven’t counted the cols/rows, but judging by efifb.c:EFIFB_{WIDTH,HEIGHT} it’s 100x31 with a small-ish black edge around it.

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      Hmm, does this 404 for anyone else?

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          Looks like @jasper’s site has a wrong canonical header, which the URL submission page switches to when it finds one:

             <link rel="canonical" href="http://jasper.la/openbsd-uefi-bootloader-howto/" />
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            Thank you for pointing that out; it’s fixed now.

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              Clicking the post’s URL http://blog… returns a 301 to https://ghost.jasper.la/openbsd-uefi-bootloader-howto/ which doesn’t resolve. If I visit https://blog… it works.