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    But it’s too bad they have to shoulder the responsibility for badly behaving garbage collectors. When they can choose (and there is a choice) to use collectors that don’t pause.

    Which collectors is he talking about? AFAIK there is Azul with their special hardware, and Rust, which does task-local GC.

    [edit] Oh, he is CTO and co-founder of Azul Systems. So that explains that. Though I’m not sure where I got that hardware part from, Zing seems to be just software.

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      Rust doesn’t and has never had a GC. It might get one in the future (likely after 1.0).

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        I remember there was a big discussion around Rust removing GC around a year ago, and sticking it in a library. It looks like recently they got rid of the GC managed pointers too. From the description, it sounded like managed pointers worked by doing reference counting, and then were also able to free cyclic references through a similar mechanism. Are you drawing a distinction between reference counting GCs and tracing GCs?