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    Phones and tablets already force my thoughts through a straw. Siri aims to reduce the bandwidth even further. No thanks.

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      They can be frustrated all they want, but part of the issue is that Apple REFUSES to let IOS hook into other people’s ecosystems (sometimes).

      For instance, Reminders are great - I use Remember The MIlk, and when I say “Remind me to…” Siri will happy create a reminder there.

      Why doesn’t calendaring work exactly the same way?

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        Maybe because “Remind” more closely ties to the “Reminders” app, while “Schedule a meeting/appointment/call” more closely ties with the Calendar app? Maybe I’m not understanding your remark though.

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          Yup you’re not understanding, but perhaps I’m not being clear.

          I can have Siri make use of my non default reminders app (Remember the Milk) but NOT a third party calendar app (like Fantastical). Siri will ALWAYS interact with Apple Calendar.

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        Marketing and navel-gazing. Flagged.