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I’m looking for a tool that would search a number of websites for certain keywords and show me the aggregated results on a page.

For instance, something that would use Hacker News, Lobsters or Reddit own search engine and return the aggregated results. You can then check the results from time to time and see if there’s any update.

Any idea if something like this exists?


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      Looks like what I’m looking for but it’s a pity it’s not open source and that it requires an email (and I didn’t see a privacy statement).

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      Google Alerts does this, though I’ve noticed that for the past 7 or 8 years it’s had a weird delay and some strange gaps in results.

      In terms of tools you can run on your own machine rather than services, DrWho/VirtualAdept’s exocortex-tools package had components that did this using searx & YaCY.