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    Has anyone worked through this whole ‘How to Learn Nix’ guide? Is it a good place to start or are there other resources I should look into? I ask because I’ve heard a lot about Nix over the years and I keep wondering about it more and more as I run into the topic of building and running docker images on my machine.

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      I haven’t gone through it as a learning guide, so I can only guess at how much it helps there.

      Ian isn’t so much writing a terse guide on how to use Nix, but is more like ~project-blogging the process of learning it. He’s laying all of his cards down, teasing out what he’s expecting vs what he sees in the docs vs what the commands do.

      If you like to be told, it’s probably not the right style. If things aren’t clicking for you after being told, seeing how Ian worked through them might help shake loose some misunderstandings.

      (In an ideal universe, his notes will also help inform doc and design decisions…)