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    These are great tips.

    One common reason why logic is typically done server-side is to protect IP and avoid piracy.

    How do you manage that with Actual? (interested to hear other people’s thoughts / experiences as well)

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      The secret of good electron apps: Don’t load 30mb of JavaScript code into them.

      That should be enough for the most of the cases.

      Edit: The posts concepts might be useful, but I would guess that it’s a solution for not the most common problems out there.

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        Ah, the return of client/server. Everything old is truly new again.

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          I am tempted to label this category mistake.

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            Hm, why? It’s about javascript performance.

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              Not OP, but there is absolutely nothing in the fine article that addresses Javascript performance.

              The article simply assumes that all Electron apps are displays for “web services” and then advises to run the code locally for “performance”. No latency! No need to cache!

              I can only assume that whoever upvoted this did so on the premise of “I hope this is useful”, because articles like this either need a downvote option or will completely bury any real good content.

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                Because the “good Electron app” is a non-sensical construction. I am of course being a snarky smart-ass.