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      I used Arch for years, even before they switched to systemd. I find it a little too hand-holdy now. I use NixOS, by the way.

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        I think it says a lot about both Arch and Nix that I legitimately have no idea whatsoever if you’re being serious or trolling.

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        NixOS users are the vegans of the family

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          As a vegan, I resent this. I never talk about being vegan unless someone asks. Or to take a shot at NixOS users apparently.

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            If food comes up, I tell people. I don’t try to preach to people, but I’ll engage (to some extent) when asked. I do not engage when people ask questions such as “what do you even eat?” or when people are just being dicks about it—not usually worth it.

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          Are you saying NixOS is trendy and less cruel, and better for the environment?

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            They are probably saying there’s a stereotype of many vegans being absolutely insufferable to be around with, and vilifying anybody that isn’t a vegan. At least in my experience that stereotype (unfortunately) has some truth to it.

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              It’s not vegans in general, it’s PETA. PETA knows that they can’t convert anyone who isn’t 95% of the way already, so their strategy is to remain in the public eye through shock marketing, on the “all publicity is good publicity” theory.

              I know lots of vegans who never say anything about other people’s food choices, and only mention their own choice when it comes up.

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                How do you tell if someone’s vegan?

                Say “Look, I’m happy to make vegan entrees, sides, and desserts for the party, but you have to tell me now, instead of three hours in when I see you aren’t eating anything and ask if you’re okay.”

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                  I was a vegetarian for 20 years, including when I met my wife. My wife was never vegetarian but she doesn’t eat cheese.

                  We visited a friend and found that they had made a three part pizza for the evening: one part with pepperoni and cheese, one part with cheese but no pepperoni, and one part with pepperoni but no cheese.

                  We were very grateful but a bit embarrassed by the effort on our behalf.

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                    If it helps, they probably saw it as a chance to challenge themselves. Or a chance to flaunt their cooking skills. I def feel both when cooking for restricted diets

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              There’s not the same moral dimension to Nix, compared to veganism; people who don’t use Nix are not somehow morally deficient or inappropriate. The main reason that we share Nix is to ease the suffering of users, not the suffering of computers or packages.

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              Yeah. I get it. This is me not being confused, and deflecting this stupid comparison.

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            Given your homepage declares your veganism in its second sentence, I don’t think you can feign too much indignation about the grandparent jibe.

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              Huh? I live a vegan lifestyle, yes. Do you have a problem with that?

              Jesus. Mechanical engineers are insufferable.

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                You announce you’re a vegan. That’s literally the reason for the “btw, I’m vegan/arch user” joke. There’s nothing wrong with that, but as you can see the stereotype matches reality.

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                  They announce it on their webpage… that you chose to go and read…

                2. 1

                  I am fully aware.

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            If you’ve used NixOS, you’ll know less cruel doesn’t apply

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              It’s been a long time, but I gave up pretty quickly. 😀

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      Sudo Satirical has some great satire pieces as well like this one:


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        Trying to install gentoo put me in my place. I thought I knew how to use a computer and was interested in computers but I sincerely do not know what an inode is and it is silly that I cannot install gentoo without this knowledge.

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          I started using it in the early days, while I was in high school.

          It’s not that hard. People sure exaggerate.

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            True - but it does take quite a while depending on your hardware.

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              Took my K75 a weekend to get X, a basic wm and a decent web browser (I believe it was mozilla back then) built.

              I remember that I did it from stage1, just because I could.

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          Even having had used Gentoo for half a decade, I don’t think I knew what an inode was until I read “The 4.4BSD Operating System”. You can wing it with the handbook, just you might miss what you’re winging …

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      Wait till he connects to wifi

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      Can someone explain the joke here?

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        I’ll explain it to you once I finish this mad CrossFit workout. You should totally do CrossFit, by the way. Check out my InstaTok for some sick ideas on how ripped CrossFit can make you. CrossFit.

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          Almost flagged the damn post as spam. Good one there, you definitely got me. 😂😂

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            That’s pretty much the best explanation of the joke there is.

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        Certain communities are known for being very vocal about their favorite things. In this case, Linux distro choice. IMO this is a few years late and for maximum currency it should’ve been “Local man installs Nix.”

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        Arch is a Linux distro with a (arguably silly) mindset of installing things manually. When installing and using arch, one is required to fiddle with intricated parts of the system, often lower level than what most people need to handle. The installation also includes steps in which you do not have access to a graphical ui and are forced to do things on a terminal.

        There is the quite well deserved stereotype of arch users bragging about using as implying they are more l33t h4x0r than other people.

        The joke is spot on.

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      Install gentoo, year of the Linux desktop.

      (I mean, if we’re memeing, might as well dust off some good ones….)

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      Nothing about this is improving my programming skills