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    If you’re already using emacs, nothing beats magit IMO. Extremely powerful, extensible (i.e. magithub for Github integration and in active development after a successful Kickstarter campaign by maintainer Jonas Bernoulli. Highly recommeded!

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      Agree. I think magit ranks up pretty close to my favorite piece of software ever. Everything is so efficient it improved the way I commit code. Rewriting is so nice.

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      My favorite feature of tig is the stash browsing mode. I heavily use stashes my workflow, and at the end of the day I might have a few useful things in my stash. However I also accumulate a bunch of garbage from testing fixes, / debugging random issues, or ideas that went no where.

      I have the following key binding in my .tigrc that lets me drop a selected stash (I think I got it from here):

      # Key binding to drop a stash.
      bind stash D !?git stash drop %(stash)

      So I can just fire up tig stash and drop anything that doesn’t look useful.