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    I can’t wait for Strang’s upcoming new materials. His old material is online also and great.

    I also really enjoyed 3Blue3Brown’s Essence of Linear Algebra series. It gives a great “big picture” overview of Linear Algebra and offers enough intuition to tackle deeper work easily.

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      3b1b is a blessing to all students who have always felt like there was more to math than what their unmotivated teachers were able to transmit. Me included.

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        Agreed. I always found the abstract complexity of math very interesting so I stuck with it out of interest until I got to college, but it was always really hard to find teachers who motivated why something was developed. Even in college, until I took an optimization methods class, Linear Algebra to me was “write down some matrices, haha Gaussian Elimination (or the computer) go brrr”. I’m so glad that the current generation of students have 3b1b to push them forward.

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      I very much agree that intro linear algebra courses should focus on how matrix operations affect the rows and columns of a matrix, rather than the individual entries. This is the approach taken by the background chapters of Trefethen & Bau’s “Numerical Linear Algebra” book, and all of linear algebra suddenly “clicked” for me when I read it.
      I had a lot of success teaching students this way when I was a TA, so I’m glad to see I’m in good company!

      I think it’s also important to bring the notion of abstract linear transformations to the front-and-center as well, but unfortunately I don’t think we’ll see that happen anytime soon, especially in engineering courses.

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        I watched this course last year. I couldn’t believe how short and concise this course was.

        I effortlessly learnt alot. I wish all math topics had such an approach.