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    I love the comments at the bottom of the page. Especially the one from Doug Wyatt.

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      I cracked the first password with “AATFDAFD”. The second disk had password “HGFIHD” and the third had “AAJMAKAY”. Apparently random strings were popular passwords back then.

      I suspect these are acronyms or something similar rather than random strings. The last one, for example: it ends in AKAY… as in A. Kay, as in Alan Kay? It’s hard to tell what the first part of the password was since the first two characters were lost.

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        Author response:

        I should mention that I didn’t want to leak someone’s actual password (even if it’s 40 years old), so I perturbed the passwords slightly. The real password doesn’t exactly end in AKAY, so it’s not Alan Kay. (Apologies for throwing cold water on your clever idea.)

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          When I first read it (before realizing the author slightly messed them up) I figured AATFDAFD was just easy to type with your left hand on a QWERTY keyboard - a mechanical rather than logical password. Try it!

          But now I see from Doug Wyatt’s comment that it is an inside joke.

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          Great link!