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While in Australia, I built a VGA cable for about 30 cents out of things in my tiny flat. It was hilarious and actually worked.


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    An extension cord seems way more expensive to sacrifice…

    If I needed a VGA cable I’d just contact any large IT dept (University, school, government, etc.). They’re always drowning in VGA cables as most monitors still ship with ‘em.

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      They sell them at dollar stores for a buck. It never occurred to me the extension cord in the image of the post looks higher-grade though. I’ll swap it out.

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        Easier to just check Goodwill. They usually have a bin of assorted random cables for cheap.

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          I had none of those thrift stores around, because that definitely occurred to me.

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            A second hand place at a tip maybe?

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        I think you’re missing the VESA DDC pin. Without that, you won’t be getting EDID information, and as such, proper sync timings.