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    “They’re not apps!”

    Key point.

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      Yeah. Bret Victor briefly reiterated this a few months ago: https://twitter.com/worrydream/status/881021457593057280 .

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      This video was previously submitted as “A Tribute to…” or something with 4 votes. People probably thought it was a speech based on name or first few minutes. They might have loved the demo of the system Kay et al built at Xerox PARC that they rescued from a trash heap. He does his presentation in that system. It’s amazing how it integrates code, windows, drawing, gestures, and so on into a smooth flow. In the 1970’s. I’d love to have started on that instead of MS-DOS and early Windows. ;)

      So, I got a link to the video that starts on the part about that system. Retitled it as such so people know what they’re going to see.