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    The graphs are especially interesting if one uses the Random Article feature Wikipedia offers, for example:

    but it’s not always that fascinating, since sometimes there just aren’t enough links:

    The only thing I’m afraid of it that this isn’t spamming the Wiki servers too much. But from what I’m reading out of the network trace, they’re only downloading the pictures, and have the article links cached somewhere. It’s certainly better than on of the first Perl scripts I wrote to check the “Clicks to Hitler” Game, which will probably be unplayable from now on.

    Edit: I missed the GitHub link, and it says there that they use a database dump wikipedia updates each month.

    Edit 2: Also interesting, if one take the last link from the first list, and reverses the two, one get’s a much more boring graph: 4 degrees of separation from Antichloris eriphia to COMIT.

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      I find relations with many links boring, if you have enough links it’s obvious you can relate anything to to anything else, what I find very funny though are short links:

      Anime to obesity in two steps.

      Philosophy to unemployment in two steps.

      Mathematics to virginity in two steps.

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          The GitHub repository itself has a section with interesting combinations.