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Live demo here: https://jott.live


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    In terms of minimalist pastebins, I’m fond of http://sprunge.us, which doesn’t need a dedicated client tool. This one is quite featureful by comparison, with editing of notes and TeXdown formatting!

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      this is nice, I’ve gone ahead and copied the API partially (you still need to provide a name for the script)

      echo "test" | curl -F 'note=<-' https://jott.live/save/raw/<name>/
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      I wonder how much space do you have on your hosting :D would be really nice if you can show size of SQLite db files on site as well. I love SQLite due to the it’s robust nature and solid code base!

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        not much space, which is why I have a small disclaimer about jott.live not being used for important things. I’m wondering if there are any security concerns associated with displaying the storage being used by sqlite, but I’ll work on adding that now

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          Just to help you out :)

          pragma page_size;
          pragma page_count;

          Multiply first with second and you will have a safe file size :D