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    I’m excited for 4.1, which will fully support Docker Compose 2 (i.e. the new “CLI plugin” one as opposed to the old Python one)

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      Is Podman a complement to Kubernetes or ECS, or a replacement? Or both? I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the container ecosystem as the current jack-of-all-trades at a small company. Kubernetes intimidates me, and all the AWS alternatives (ECS, Beanstalk, Fargate) mean I have to read AWS documentation 😆

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        It is a reimplementation of Docker, with a cleaner design. It is mostly developed and maintained by Red Hat rather than Docker Inc.

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          Got it - thanks for explaining that

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          @vosper you might also find the thread:


          to be informative (although it touches on areas outside of linux-only ecosystem)

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          …. almost 2 months ago.

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            so then why did you not submit it 2 months ago?