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    Ever since I saw Solar Low Tech Magazine’s setup, I’ve really wanted to setup a distributed website that only runs on solar power. Get some people around the world to host a node in their back yard, and see if you can get enough nodes up to keep the site up for a full day.

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      You mean a site that only runs on solar, akin to the sun never setting on the British Empire?

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        Yeah… I don’t think proliferation of chemical batteries accounts to an environmental net gain.

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        Site was up for full day!

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          I can’t find it now but a while ago someone linked me to a project where a bunch of people where doing just this. It was just hosting a page that showed all the nodes with their charge statistics on a world map with the day/night cycle overlaid - but I thought it was quite cool.

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          Interesting application for sure. I’ve been looking for a reason to do something similar myself, but haven’t yet, although I am keeping my eye on the Othernet project: