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    At first I thought it was Firefox with WebRender which broke everything, but then I saw it’s even worse in Chromium.

    Note how the white circles have a semi-visible border on some characters: https://i.k8r.eu/cwj8zw.png

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      I somehow can’t escape the feeling that it takes quite some wizardry to painstakingly get a quirky version with very rough cross-browser support of what Flash 4 allowed us to do within minutes 20 years ago. From the looks of it, the code seems to be hand-rolled and it’s pretty appalling that we have to do that in 2020.

      …on the other hand, hey, props for sheer wizardry and patience! I can barely get CSS to show images and align text – this stuff blows my mind.

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        I mean, the easier version would be using SVG to get what Flash 4 got you…

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          Like this or this? That still looks like something straight out of The Flintstones next to Flash, albeit it’s definitely better than straight CSS and now I’m probably going to waste a weekend on it…

          It’s cool that everything is in the DOM though, that lends it a sort of extensibility that Flash didn’t have (although I guess it didn’t need it, either?)

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        On iOS looks not good.

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          I dunno why, but I expected it has a whole Simpsons episode stored as CSS animation.

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            I wonder how legal it is to host high resolution versions of copyrighted images on GitHub.