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Sorry if I editorialized that title too much


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    That’s wild is all I’m saying. A bit scary to try, too, for someone who knows what high-voltage lines can do but not how to evaluate safety recommendations in YouTube vids on them. ;) I also got to see what happens to a survivor who came in indirect contact with one. Nothing like the movies or regular shocks.

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      My instinct says this is a hoax. First, for induced current what is important is the current, not the voltage, since current determines the magnetic flux. Second, TV antennae like that are receptors for much higher frequency waves than 60/50Hz power line. They do nothing to “amplify” the magnetic flux and work as an air core transformer, which is what you need for something like this to work. Basically even if that was a major power backbone (and it doesn’t look like it) this is so unlikely, that I think it’s a hoax.

      It is possible to drive electronics via the induced field from power wires - that’s how some types of home current detectors work, but you gotta get real close for the magnetic field to overcome the inverse r^2 law.

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        Inducing a voltage is possible this way. I wonder if it’s really possible to draw a useful amount of current from it, using only an old TV antenna for coupling? The video doesn’t show the full setup while the phone is charging.