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    This is a great review, even taking OpenBSD aside! In particular:

    New to the seventh generation is a Dolby Atmos four-speaker sound system, which thankfully does not need any awful hacks to get working, and produces a very full, loud sound. There are now two speaker grilles on the top of the keyboard deck in addition to the two on the underside of the laptop. The new sound system is pretty much the only reason I decided to get another X1 Carbon, as the speakers on my Matebook X are also Dolby Atmos powered and it’s hard to use any other laptop that doesn’t sound as good.

    This is huge. I switched from Mac back to PC last year and bought an Alienware 17 R5 because I wanted the big display and scissor keyboard with lots of travel and good feedback. The laptop is overall really really nice but… The built in speaker is AW-FUL.

    Why do so many PC makers think they can cheap out on this? You’re paying serious $$$ for a machine is a decent sounding speaker too much to ask?

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      I am the complete opposite: I plug headphones in when I want sound. I hate that laptops ship with speakers at all.

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        You don’t EVER want to fill your room with the sound of the game you’re playing or the music you’re listening to?

        Fascinating, captain :)

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          Can relate. The only 2-3 times I’ve ever used the laptop speakers was on business trips when I was alone in my hotel room and didn’t want to use headphones… and ofc when I didn’t have speakers with me.

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            So, that’s my point.

            Mac laptop speakers are of good enough sound quality that in ~15ish years of using Mac laptops I never felt the need for external speakers. It’s that good.

            Given that the tech exists, I’d expect PC laptop makers to do the same.

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              Guess we have to agree to disagree then. Never owned any MacBook but whenever someone was playing music in the office from a MBP.. I’d day Lenov is 2-3/10 and a MBP is maybe 5-6/10. I never thought “Wow, this sounds awesome” - more like “Wow, this is only 40% terrible” ;)

              NB: My main machine has never been a laptop, so I’m really used to a 5.1 system or big speakers or headphones.

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                No disagreement really!

                NB: My main machine has never been a laptop, so I’m really used to a 5.1 system or big speakers or headphones.

                Ah, THIS makes perfect sense!

                If you’ve got your ears/brain tuned to the sound of a full bore 5.3 setup, no laptop speaker is ever going to cut it.

                Been thinking about buying a SMALL 5.3 system for my home office, but we’re super crunched for space and the center speakers all seem beastly big.

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      the x1 carbon series is great, but I wish they’d bring back the 4th gen form factor. i bought a 6th gen, but I’m hanging on to my 4th gen at work because it’s a lot more comfortable to type on. (the 6th gen does not have enough space on either side of the keyboard)

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        I’m with you. I find the trend towards ever thinner, ever smaller laptops super frustrating. Not everyone wants to minimize every inch and ounce. I know some people do want that, but I wish there were more alternatives for those of us who are willing to haul a little more and have a device that actually feels good to type on!

        As I said I’m super delighted with my Alienware, but UNIX support on it is kind of a mild shit show.

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          What’s the form factor difference, exactly? I have a 4th gen now and will hold onto it as long as I can, but the 7th gen is probably gonna be my next one, in a year or two.

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            this strip between the keyboard and the edge of the laptop is a lot narrower on the 6th gen. it makes the laptop more compact for the same amount of keyboard, but also more uncomfortable to actually use.

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          I keep looking at these. They’re only sold online for Londoners so I haven’t been able to try one. If anyone could describe the feel of the keyboard, compared to an Xps13 or Macbook 2014 I’d be really grateful!

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            On the left side of the laptop are two Thunderbolt 3-enabled USB-C ports, a port for the ethernet dongle (which annoyingly blocks the second USB-C port when it’s plugged in), a USB-A port… On the right side are another USB-A port

            I have the 5th generation model, which has the same USB configuration as the 7th, and my only real complaint is that I have to carry a USB hub to have more ports.