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    For anyone considering this, there’s also a more elaborate fuzzy searcher called fzf that comes with shell history search shortcut

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      I’m using fzf and I was wondering whether there’s any advantage using hstr (performance, packages, etc) - as it offers the same feature (and a lot more).

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        I assumed that everybody here knows that. hstr is Ctrl-R on steroids

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          Honest question: “why do I need a Ctrl-r on steroids?” I don’t ever recall a time when I was disappointed that Ctrl-r didn’t work, only that my history, generally, was incomplete due to limitations in bash.

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            I like the visual matches + regex search of hstr. Give it a try, it is really neat.

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              I’m in this camp. I find visual and search enhancements to C-r to be unnecessary feature creep. This project, while neat, is no exception.

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                Good for you. I tend to use very complicated commands and I am glad hstr is there to help me to get my work done.

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          I use zaw’s zaw-history for Ctrl+r instead of fzf but I like the command bookmarking feature of hstr as I find myself hunting for old crafted commandlines from time to time. Maybe I’ll steal it for zaw!