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    The hyper.sh homepage probably provides a better description of what Hyper is.
    edit: or in fact the ‘How it Works’ & Why Hyper‘ pages.

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      How does this differ from boot2docker? Why might I prefer Hyper?

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        There are few differences between Hyper and boot2docker: 1- Docker commands are run inside the boot2docker VM and not directly on the host

. Hyper daemon directly runs on your Mac. 2- When using boot2docker, each time you restart the VM, you have to manually mount the drives (and reinstall Fig if you’re using it) 3- While boot2docker is a “wrapper” around Docker and VirtualBox, Hyper for Mac is part of the whole Hyper ecosystem, providing a similar environment on Linux, or Mac OS X.

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        Well, if it supported vmware as well as “just” virtualbox I’d give it a go but virtualbox on osx is not my favorite thing networking wise in the past. And I’m not repeating the mistake of both virtualbox and vmware on the same system again.