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Admittedly found this browsing the comment thread from HK’s at: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=15476357

Tags I’d like to add: #funny #entertaining


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    I like the message, but the delivery is quite cringe-y.

    This resonated with me, though:

    We are tired of being told we’re socialy awkward idiots who need to be manipulated to work in a Forced Pair Programming chain gang without any time to be creative because none of the 10 managers on the project can do…

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      eh..it’s trying to do the Fuck Website things, but I dunno .. some of it is great. I like how it’s hacking at consulting culture. Testing isn’t pointless though, although I am sick of relentless agile coated bs. I guess it’s funny enough.

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        wow, how many years ago was that … that website is really old. I liked the page at the time I first saw it, it marked my personal transition to pronounced certainty that “Agile” wasn’t my thang.