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    Neat troll at the end:

    id also like to thank andrew loyd weber, inventer of the world wide web for making the internet


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      Fun hacks, but the intentional use of childlike writing (lack of capitalization, misspellings) and affirmations of the author’s immaturity (including generic complaints about “adulting” and responsibility) really break my immersion in the article. What’s the purpose of that writing style?

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        What’s the purpose of that writing style?

        Signalling that the author is hip and fun at parties, not some boring security neckbeard.

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          Or just very drunk.

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          Maybe it’s the counter-culture to traditional 1337 counter-culture?-)

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          Makes me feel slightly safer because US IRS doesn’t have many ways to interact with them via the web.

          The ones they do have, like submitting taxes via the internet, are known disaster areas.