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    Hey, this is a project my company is working on!

    We developed Devbox to make it easier to create deterministic dev environments locally with Nix, and then package those same environments with Docker to deploy to the cloud. We have a documentation page with more details at jetpack.io/devbox/.

    Happy to answer any questions you might have! It’s still under development and we’d love community feedback

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      A nice explanation of the benefits over shell.nix/nix-shell would be welcome.

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        While we use nix and nix shell under the hood, we think Devbox provides 3 nice benefits over using nix-shell directly:

        1. We provide a simpler interface, so a newcomer to nix can get their shell up and running without having to learn the nix language first.
        2. The same devbox.json that you use to spin up your shell can also be used to build a Docker container with the same packages.
        3. Devbox can autodetect and create a shell + container for you based on the language and framework you are using. For example, if we detect a Python + Poetry project, we can spin up a shell with the required packages installed and the correct build + run steps configured.
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      This seems really useful and makes me want to see a comparison between this and Container Toolbox which also seems like it’s under active development.

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        Timothee, me and a few other recently also did community toolbox images since upstream hasn’t been very responsive supporting anything beyond Fedora :)


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        I’m just using shell.nix. A nice explanation of the benefits over shell.nix/nix-shell would be welcome.

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          The benefit to me is that there is no need to learn nix :-) /cc @lagoja

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            But learning Nix is a skill that can obsolesce most other build systems, containers, etc. and is a skill probably worth learning if that interests you.

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              You should also learn how to darn socks, and make your own toothpaste. Two skills you can use until you die of old age.

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                Yeah, I agree. It is worth learning for me. But maybe not for everyone. It is why I like devbox.

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            Open Source and Community Driven

            ..Then only has a GitHub mirror and Discord + Twitter + YouTube for community interaction. That’s not very open source-forward if all tools are proprietary and require users register and give up their privacy to participate. You’d expect at least the mention of one open source option–even an unofficial one. To boot, all of these social media links break the user agent defaults with _blank for no tangible reason and now users have no accessible ability to open the link the current tab which can be a pain to deal with if your primary setup is keyboard-driven.