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    A note to moderators:

    A discussion on lobste.rs elsewhere had a commenter saying “there is something about biological men in the field [of Computer Science] that most women lack” (https://lobste.rs/s/wh7jgy/ten_challenges_for_rust#c_ckz8lp). The commenter also suggested that “Open source and programming in general have never been more accessible.”

    This article a continuation of that (apaprently acceptable on lobste.rs) discussion, as it is evidence against the latter point, suggesting there are still significant cultural prejudices amongst some people against women writing software.

    If you feel this article is out of scope for lobste.rs, then the original comment was also out of scope and should have been deleted. Something you can still fix!

    (Personally I think it should have been moderated out of existence because it makes lobste.rs an unwelcoming environment for women, but moderators may disagree.)

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      Did you message the moderators? They aren’t checking every thread 24/7 and rely on people letting them know privately when something’s wrong.

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        I assumed flagging was sufficient for things to get into moderator queue? Perhaps I am wrong.

        Edit: The “About” link at bottom of page says “Users can flag stories and comments when there’s a serious problem that needs moderator attention.” And I flagged the original comment.

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          There’s 1.5 moderators and they have full time jobs. Sometimes you gotta dm.

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            Sounds like pushcx is having some personal things to deal with this week, yeah. And also things need to be flagged twice. So going to submit patch to update the docs. But beyond that I think the basic issue is that the moderation poilcy doesn’t cover this case, really, nor is there an obvious way to flag this.

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      It is entirely on-topic, we have to be able to discuss ideas and if they don’t freely flow, we can’t discuss them.

      This sheet catalogs a bunch of recently banned books.

      A bunch of the Girls Who Code books have been banned in Pennsylvania (from above sheet). Like this one. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/37966382-spotlight-on-coding-club

      It is all a blur, but one of the pages listed the books as “overly promoting activism or non-normative roles”. Makes sense.

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        I need to clarify “Makes sense”. It makes sense from the perspective of conservatives wanting women and girls to stay in their place and not challenge the conservative status quo. I find book bans abhorrent, esp ones that limit girls’ choice.