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      goatcounter.com is also another self-hosted and FLOSS alternative. I have no affiliation with it, I just know it because from /u/arp242.

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      Good timing. I was just going through the list of alternatives. For some reason the web analytics projects are really bad at providing simply working docker images with best practices. Matomo failed to provision the db for some reason. Plausible hardcores uid 1000 and hides the actual db connection error. Nothing that can’t be solved with extra time, but I’ll give Umami a try first - it looks like a simpler alternative.

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        I’ve been using the container provided by Umami with postgres for about a year. I mainly use it for custom page view reporting in a couple low-traffic SPAs. I have very few complaints. The UI navigation options aren’t what I would choose but they have been good enough. I would prefer more of a data explorer interface to generate my own crosstabs. The backend has been untouched save a few point release upgrades.

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      Umami is a great! I’ve been using it for just under a year now on Killed by Google (950k page views over the year). Feel free to checkout the shared page if you’d like to see it running real world data: http://analytics.kbg.rip

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      Is there anything like this available as a Rails engine? I’ve wanted to get off GA for a long time but don’t really want to host anything outside of what I’ve got running on the base-level paid Heroku plan.

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        Haven’t used it myself yet but looks good: https://github.com/ankane/ahoy

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          This is great, probably almost exactly what I want based on a quick review of the README. Thank you so much!