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    The two tools are:

    As an aside, is anyone else sick of the “Erlang is a bad language because it has a prolog inspired syntax” argument?

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        Care to give some more concrete examples? Every non-erlang developer that I’ve spoken with spouts about the syntax as their main reason for enjoying Elixir over erlang.

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        Yes, absolutely.

        It takes about 60 seconds to get used to it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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          Yep. Not to mention “Elixir’s syntax is kinda like Ruby, so it’s good, ipso facto”. Sigh.

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            Hey downvoters, as @355E3B also says, comments abound online praising Elixir simply because its syntax is like Ruby. So, regardless of whether there are also plenty of other benefits to Elixir which the writers of such comments miss - which I don’t dispute - it’s still an expressed view, and yep, it’s one which I’m sick of hearing. So, I’m not sure how me saying I’m sick of something can be “incorrect” - I’m the one being sick of it, so I think I know ;-)

            (typed pedantically with an extremely wry grin)