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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!


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    I’m working two 6 hour shifts at McDonald’s. Gotta get the money for Thinkpads from somewhere. :^)

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      Trying to decide if I want to take a new job. It’s agonizing, not the least of which because I’m always terrified of letting people down or not pulling my weight or whatever.

      (My current employer is amazing and they went on to even match the offer from the other company, which is flattering…but the other offer is working with some of the biggest names in the world for what I do…but I work with one of my best friends where I’m at…but the other place looks to be more stable…but I’m not sure I’m talented enough to make it there…I’m worried my current company will be in trouble without me…)

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        the other place looks to be more stable

        Ride the train to the end of the tracks. Then change trains. That’s what I’m doing.

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          I’m leaning that way too but I suppose I should point out that the other place looks a lot more stable, and I have a lot of people who depend on me financially.

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          If you wanna bounce it off someone else in infosec lemme know … I, for one, generally follow the path of “small fish in a big pond”… as I’d rather learn a ton and feel like an idiot to help push myself.

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            I’m in the exact same boat. Love my current employer, work with three of my best friends, but I just can’t stand the job I’m doing anymore. I talked to my boss and he said he can’t lose me so he’s given me basically free range to do whatever I want, but what I want to do doesn’t fit the team i work on. But I’ve never worked professionally doing the other job so am I good enough to get hired at another company? Or will they just spit me out and I’m back to doing a job I’m good at but hate every minute of?

            Burnout combined with imposter syndrome combined with social anxiety. Not a great mix, but that’s what I’m spending my weekend worrying about.

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              Burnout combined with imposter syndrome combined with social anxiety.

              Holy crap I’m looking in a mirror.

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              I’m not sure I’m talented enough to make it there

              The people who’ve offered you the job think you are talented enough, and they’ve managed to attract these other big names, so that’s gotta be worth something 😀

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              I’m getting married!

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                I’m going on a nice long bike ride. That’s all I’ve got planned so far!

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                  Good idea! I’ve been holding back after a helmet breaking and clothes ruining asphalt crash while commuting, but a long forest ride sounds like the perfect medicine!

                  Other than that, I’m going to try to stay away from the keyboard, it’s been a hell of a week at work.

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                    It was a long ride, longer than anticipated, but very pretty. Still sore today!

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                      Oof, that sounds like an unpleasant crash. I hope you’ve recovered ok.

                      This will absolutely be a forest and ocean ride!

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                        Black and blue all over my right hand side, which affects sleep, but no concussion and nothing broken, so I’m happy :)

                        Will file an insurance claim, as I found out that it’s very expensive to rub asphalt, at least comparing to flying off track in the forest (where I also can’t blame anyone but myself).

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                    Beating my head on setting up Rails in Nix one more time. About six months ago I mentioned maybe hosting sister sites. I’ve gotten ~10 inquiries since then, even with the unfriendliness of “call us” pricing and onboarding, so it seems worth trying to stand up something a little friendlier. I want to try Nix + NixOps because they still feel like the only tools that really understand that the problems in provisioning are about controlling state; for all their talk of declarative config other tools (like ansible) are imperative scripts. Probably I crash on the rocks of nix docs again and fall back to ansible, but I gotta try.

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                      After abandoning the project for months I’m going to try to get back to working on the field structure layout randomization feature for the Clang compiler. This was a capstone project between myself and a few others back at university but we’ve all since graduated and gone our own separate ways after posting the RFC.

                      I started refactoring it and adding tests a few months later then stopped again. I feel a bit bad for being so absent from the project.

                      Last night I was struck with the motivation to see this all the way through, so I wrote down all the “to do” items I could remember and this weekend I’ll be reacquainting myself with code that my past self left me. I’m hoping to cross off at least a couple of those items on the to do list :-)

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                        I’ll be monitoring the first test run of an open source tool I’m writing at $DAYJOB. We’re de-Google-ifying our entire business.

                        I’m also working on helping OPNsense adopt HardenedBSD 12.1. I need to validate merge conflict resolutions.

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                          Benchmarking etcd.

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                            3D printing some parts for testing a miniature pnumatics system, fabricating some racks for said 3D printers (+ 2D), and continuing to get comfortable with SaltStack.

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                              Relaxing into the Thanksgivings week (I only work Monday next week). Thinking about learning a new language both for fun and perhaps to help me get a new job in the future. Thinking about Go.

                              Also thinking of starting a new blog but not looking into what I’ll use or how it’ll look until I have at least two posts written already.

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                                I don’t know your programming backgound, but you could have a look to Nim which is really nice to work with :)

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                                Finishing up an essay on what it means to be a full-stack developer. I’m not crazy about the phrase, but I think it’s important for developers to embrace the entire work, whether they want to specialize in one small aspect of it or not.

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                                  Probably going to write a short post on my blog. And read a chapter or two from “Elixir in Action”. Other than that, nothing really.

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                                    I’m going back to the London Library for the day tomorrow, submitting a job application to old colleagues back in San Francisco, and pondering logistics for my wandering life over the next couple months.

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                                      I’m skiing tomorrow. I didn’t end up going last week and regretted it, and then it’s finally been snowing, so definitely need to go tomorrow.

                                      Sunday is up in the air. My friend returns from her vacation in the afternoon, so I may hang out with her if she’s not too tired or jet lagged. Maybe a bike ride if that falls through.

                                      Other than that, I’m going to catch up on some reading and continue playing with OpenGL. I guess it’s old news at this point, but I just discovered that with GLSL I can pan and zoom around Mandelbrot set fractals at 60 fps.

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                                        Hopefully finishing this gosh darn podcast. Ask me about it! (its baseball and sketch comedy)

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                                          Tomorrow I’m flying from the place I currently live (Seattle area) to the place I still really consider home because it’s where I grew up (Wichita, Kansas) to be with my family for a week around the American Thanksgiving holiday. I might do some karaoke tomorrow night in Wichita to catch up with a few friends there. I’ll probably go to church on Sunday, even though I don’t normally do church.

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                                            Working more on my wasm+WebGL 2D graphics library in Rust. It’s actually going pretty well, to my surprise. I already have a bunny rave party demo, slightly by accident.

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                                              Working out the bugs in my flood fill (like MS Paint’s “paint bucket” tool) implementation. I couldn’t find a javascript/HTML turtle graphics library that supports flood fill, so I’m writing my own. It’s nearly done, but the flood fill occasionally gets into an infinite loop and freezes the browser tab.

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                                                • Reconfiguring a friend’s network so he can locate more network devices in his office and less things in his living room
                                                • Sorting out some DNS records ready for a deployment that requires them next week
                                                • Going to the end of year meet for Modified Max’s in our family Ford S-Max, bowling and lunch is the plan!
                                                • Potentially trying to debug some other things not working on the other car, depending on how much daylight is left post-event. Top of the hit list is rear wiper not spraying fluid on the window, and passenger wing mirror not adjusting on the electric motor.
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                                                  How did you Modify your Max?

                                                  1. 1

                                                    Lightly, so far. Although having seen things on other people’s I suspect the other half might be getting me to add more bits soon.

                                                    • Short shifter
                                                    • R2D2 rubbish bin
                                                    • FOXTROT name badge on the rear in OEM-esque model lettering. (Guess what the car is called..)
                                                    • More fox stickers
                                                    • Private number plate
                                                    • Relocated OBD2 port, after an attempted theft. (Mines the wrong one to nick easily, but you can’t tell that from the outside once it’s on private plates.)
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                                                      Wow, I had no idea this was a thing. Is there a website documenting these kind of mods? “Modify your Max” is overloaded on Google.