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A good example on why not to use PayPal for commercial offerings


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    A good example on why not to use PayPal for anything!

    Stop supporting these leeches!

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      I would suggest the title to be “PayPal kicked out app.seafile.de”

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        More like, “PayPal Attempts Blackmailing app.selfie.de Into Breaking the Law”.

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          Alright, I changed my suggestion to your proposal. Did you suggest the same? I think the only reason why this article is not on the top is because the title is so misleading and boring.

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            No, I didn’t, but I’ll think if I should.

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              If an article gets multiple identical suggestions the title will be changed automatically. So it would make sense.

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                Yes, I was thinking if it’s really worth changing the subject. Now I did.

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                  thanks for adjusting the subject. I was not sure, when I submitted, but initially had a different title.

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        Way to go Paypal…